Glitch in The Matrix

Temper colors on hard cardboard material.

Story: One is born as a free individual. One has FREE WILL to do anything he decides to do in the physical plane. One can percieve his actions as good or bad according to his PERCEPTION, but good and bad are just aspects of the whole as everything has an opposite and commes in duality. One has RESPONSIBILITY for every action as every action has reaction according to natural laws. When One commes to this realization he can connect the two opposites, create a non-dual view of the world and work towards his true purpose by internal control of his thoughts, emotions and actions.

Content: 5 pointed star of free will, Chessboard, Sun and Moon, Merkaba, Fractal geometry, Fibonacci spiral ,7 pointed star of alchemical process, DNA pattern devided from Flower of life pattern, 777.